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Corstone incorporates ESG’s core values into our investment processes and portfolio management whilst practicing social responsibilities and fulfilling our fiduciary duty

  • Practices social responsibilities as a private equity firm that commits to the creation of a sustainable future
  • Extends beyond the limits of traditional fundamental analysis and incorporates ESG factors into our investment processes for sustainable and responsible investing (“ESG Integration”)
  • Excludes investment in companies that do not align with ESG factors (“Negative Screening”)
  • Reflects and strictly adheres to ESG objectives and needs of our Limited Partners (LP)
  • Conducts ESG assessments throughout our investment process and reflects the findings on our decision-making
  • Participates in the board meetings to identify ESG issues and establish further improvement plans
  • Holds regular meetings of the ESG committee to monitor ESG activities in our portfolio
  • Appoints independent directors of ESG experts

Corstone aims to generate long-term value creations through driving a change in each area of environment, social and government.

ESG Activities


  • Energy consumption minimization and eco-friendly production management
  • Expansion of waste disposal capabilities in the metropolitan area through our portfolio company
  • Detailed assessment of environmental strategy, management and performances


  • Stable job creation and the safety protection of employees and suppliers for our portfolio companies
  • Promotion of diversity and inclusion such as fostering female leaders
  • Contribution to the local community through donation activities
  • Detailed assessment of employees, contractors and consumers
  • Identifying and supporting venture companies with sustainable technologies


  • Reinforcement of governance transparency through the board-centered management system that drives ESG management
  • Establishment of the investment committee for independent operation and decision-making
  • Holding and participation in the regular board meetings with the participation of independent directors of ESG experts
  • Detailed assessment of the board of directors and shareholder protection by the audit institution and disclosures