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About Us

Corstone is a global diversified investment and strategic advisory firm. We leverage the experience and relationships of our senior partners to gain early access to middle market and growth company opportunities, often investing ahead of the general market by focusing on global situations where factors such as complexity or first mover risks may deter other investors. Corstone has been an active participant in the alternative and private equity markets since 1993 and has organized over US$2.2 billion of aggregate capital commitments for numerous companies around the world. Our portfolio spans industries and geography including Asia, Europe, North America and Australia.

As an experienced deal sponsor and investor, Corstone organizes investment partnerships with leading international financial services and private equity firms to provide non-control capital to middle market and growth companies to assist with acquisitions, product launches, buyouts and other corporate initiatives. Our investment structure involves investing in a combination of securities such as subordinated notes, preferred stock, common stock and/or warrants. Investments are structured to balance the funding needs and capital servicing abilities of the company with the return expectations of our investors.

Corstone is committed to add value to our partners and portfolio companies. Corstone offers an integrated services approach that blends industry focus, financial and operation experience and international execution capabilities. We assist our portfolio companies with perspectives on industry trends, key business development strategies, sourcing and executing add-on acquisitions, arranging supplemental financing and identifying exits. Corstone is known as a partner that brings a range of proven value creation strategies to its investments and partners.

Corstone is uniquely positioned in Austrasia. Having been active in China since 1997, Corstone was an early investor in China, in private and state owned enterprises, and was the first foreign direct purchaser of over US$1 billion of nonperforming loans. In Korea, Corstone is a leading middle market private equity firm and investor and is presently on its ninth fund. Corstone has been active in Australia since the early 1990’s in the outsourcing, natural resources, and technology industries.

Headquartered in Washington, DC with offices in Europe and Asia, Corstone provides its partners a wealth of cross-border transactional and business expertise. We have consistently created and maintained successful relationships with U.S. and international executives, both corporate and government, and offer our partners the ability to access key decisions makers in these major global economies. These relationships are often as vital to the success we achieve for our partners and clients as the tangible experience we bring to the table.