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Corstone | Charles (Chuck) Ehrig
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Charles (Chuck) Ehrig

Charles (Chuck) Ehrig is a Managing Director at Corstone

Mr. Ehrig served as Chief Financial Officer of Professional Staff Leasing Corporation (Prolease), and managed the company through five M&A transactions (some acquisitions, some sales) until it was acquired by Astra HR, Inc. more than a decade later.  He then served as Astra HR’s CFO.  During his more than a decade of service, Prolease merged with Interpro, Inc., and began to acquire a number of domestic and foreign service companies (sixteen in all – six domestic and ten foreign.).  Mr. Ehrig managed Prolease through these acquisitions as well, including, in the US, Stat Transcription, Inc., PMG, Inc., ORDFS, Inc., IQuest, Inc., Optimus, Inc. and DMData, Inc.  The foreign acquisitions were based in Great Britain, France, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, China, India, Singapore and the Philippines.  Prolease provided comprehensive HR services to companies around the world, including payroll, IT, staffing services and outsourced call centers.  Mr. Ehrig played a key role in the integration of the acquired companies into Prolease’s business models.  In total, Prolease/Interpro employed approximately 500,000 employees with most of those in China and India and approximately 25,000 in the United States.  Aggregate revenue for the company was more than US$1.4 billion.

Following the Astra HR acquisition of Prolease, Mr. Ehrig served as acting CEO of Astra HR for five years.  One of his key tasks was to ensure that each domestic and foreign subsidiary was complying with applicable regulations and with home office policy.  He served on the Board of Directors/Trustees for each subsidiary as well, and served as primary internal auditor on each of those boards.  Mr. Ehrig led the successful sale of a number of sixteen acquisitions over that five year period, and finally arranged the re-sale of Prolease back to Interpro in 2012.

Mr. Ehrig is a graduate of the Benjamin Franklin School of Accounting of the George Washington University in Washington, D.C.  Mr. Ehrig became a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Maryland in 1984.  He has been both a partner in a local public accounting firm as well as his own public accounting practice.